Be creative during the coronavirus!

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Don’t be sad and discouraged in the four walls during the coronavirus lockdown!  Now is the perfect time to try something different and learn a new crafting technique. Spend your time with creativity!

Depressing thoughts can be more difficult to escape in sustained isolation, but arts and jewellery making have been shown to help distract from these harmful feelings. Crafts can help to keep the mind active during the coronavirus lockdown. We supply you happily with our own wooden shapes or new ones what you have find out in your mind.

We live in extraordinary and unpredictable times and we are going through incredibly trying  times. Eac of us.However WE WANT YOU TO USE YOUR TIME PURPOSEFULLY , create something charming piece for yourself or your loved ones! Art wooden pieces are offering many choices for crafting.

we support you and don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to realize your new art project idea and you need something else what we are offering in our webshop!