Wooden baby toys are really safe?

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Wooden or plastic toys better?

Wooden toys made from natural sources, so they more environmentally friendly than plastic toys. The wooden toys made of degradable material and can therefore be recycled. The natural color of wood has a much more calming effect on children than bright colors. By giving children simple toys, we allow them to develop their imaginative power. They have a lot of communication and math usability. So wooden baby toys are much safe and better than plastic.

Wood is of course antibacterial which a very good thing. Wood has a porous surface that absorbs bacteria and moisture from the surface, resulting in the bacteria eventually dying, unlike plastic, which causes bacteria to multiply.

How to disinfect wooden toys?

Do not soak wooden toys. They can expand in water and change shape. Instead, wipe with water, vinegar or natural soap.

What kind of wood should I make a toy for my child with?

Be sure to make it from some solid wood as they have much better abrasion resistance and less prone to splinters. Examples are birch, oak, beech, walnut, poplar and ash. Solid wood, while more expensive, is so durable that it will bring back its price over time. If we make wooden toys, make sure they are sanded well to avoid splinters. In the end, use some mineral oil to treat it.

Wooden baby toys are safe?

Most importantly, wooden toys do not contain BPA and PVC chemicals, which in most cases found in plastic toys. Frost rings / loops and mistletoe beads often made for baby toys because they free of all plastics and chemicals, only natural materials.

All in all, wooden toys are much safer and more child-friendly than plastic toys so wooden baby toys are safe. Take a look around our webshop to see if you can find a wooden toy that you would like to give to your child.

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